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This time of year everyone needs a place to relax and reset - Irish Country House Accommodation ....

is all about settling in, taking time and resetting. Here at Lisnabrin, it is when we make sure the fires are lit, the candles glowing and all things cosy are in abundance....

Our guests love to kick back - quit the rush and catch up. So we make sure everything is set for you to do just that.

With home-made meals ready for you in the fridges and the option of dinner service too - settling in over a yummy meal is so easy.

Don't forget the option of ordering any groceries or maybe a keg or two in advance which the team will receive and set up for you - perhaps a welcome option or two to get your gathering started - bubbly, balloons and cakes - all set for your arrival. Cosy Irish Country House accommodation at its best.

This means you can; bring a book and chill out by the library fire, don your togs for a dip in the large hot-tub overlooking the valley, enjoy the craic over a game of darts or pool in the Coachhouse Games Room, maybe a brisk walk in the winter sun followed by a casual stroll to the local pub .... your time is your own ... Enjoy!

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